Hajira Village

Located at the edge of the Arabian Sea, Hajira is a picturesque town located in the state of Gujarat. This destination is famous for its idyllic beach and is also a transhipment port, owing to its shallow water depths. Along with being a popular recreational destination, Hajira is also famous for its health tourism due to the presence of numerous hot water springs here.

The magnificent beauty of Hajira beach lies close to the main city centre and is a favourite haunt of local and foreign tourists alike. The golden sands of the beach overlooking the azure waters of the Arabian Sea make up for a mesmerising sight, whose beauty is elevated during the hours of dawn and dusk.

You can find a wide variety of beautiful seashells strewn all over the beach, which are in sharp contrast to the soft yellow of the beach sand. The gentle swaying of the casuarina trees along the perimeter of the beach and the overall serene aura of this destination make it the perfect place for a relaxing family holiday.